About Us

Hello, my name is Derek and I am the creator of BibleFreeDownload.com and KJVPCE.com. On this website, you will find five unique Bibles that I've designed that are compatible with your Apple iPhone, Apple iPad or Macintosh Computer. These Bibles have been specifically designed for Apple Books software.

Do you offer any FREE Bibles?

Yes, we do offer one Bible (in PDF) format that you can download here. PDF's can be opened on any operating system (such as Windows, Linux or MAC). For Windows, you can open PDF's with Adobe Reader. While the free Bible is sufficent for some people, I highly recommend purchasing one of our high quality digital Bibles instead (offered on the homepage).

Our Bible Features:
  1. Smart Navigation - Every (paid) Bible that we offer contains a custom-designed navigation system to quickly look up any book and chapter of the Bible.
  2. Touch-friendly design - It's easy to navigate through our Bibles using just your index finger.
  3. One-of-a-kind - A lot of time and consideration was put into designing these Bibles. The end result is a superior Bible that is unique. You won't find another Bible quite like it!
  4. Time-tested - There are thousands of people that already use our Bibles on a daily basis.